The best AI website builders in 2023

AI Website Builders

The best AI website builders in 2023

The best AI website builders at a glance

Building a website is no longer a particularly hard task—but it can be an annoying one. If you look at most sites, there’s a fair amount of text, images, and general organization to it all. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just create a website from scratch in just a few minutes? That’s what AI website builders promise to do. 

The idea is that by using artificial intelligence, they can streamline everything from designing a site and organizing your content into the appropriate pages to actually getting it online. It’s a bold claim, but there are a few apps that pull it off (with varying degrees of intelligence and success).

AI Website Builder
AI Website Builder

I’ve been building websites for more than 15 years and have used hard-coded HTML, WordPress, every site builder you can name, and even, on one regrettable occasion, Drupal. In that time, getting a site live has become a lot simpler and easier. It used to take an entire weekend to get a site up and running, but now, with the best theme-based site-building tools, you can get something great online in an afternoon.

So I was pretty curious to see how the AI website generators would stack up. After lots of testing and tinkering, here are my picks for the best AI website builders. The best AI website builders in 2023

AI Website Builders

AI Website Builder

All AI One Website

Best forStand-out featurePricing
WixMost peopleA balance of AI and a mature website builderFree with Wix branding and domain; from $16/month
JimdoA free optionAffordable upgradesFree with Jimdo branding and domain; from $9/month
UnbounceAI-powered landing pagesAll the important marketing features you’ll needFrom $99/month
CodeWPComplex WordPress sitesThe ability to create complex WordPress code without actually codingFree for 10 WordPress PHP generations per month; from $12/month
FramerExperiencing the future of AI website buildersSuper fun prompt-to-website AIFree with Framer branding for hobby projects; from $10/month/site

AI website builders are changing fast

AI website builders have been around for a few years, and for the most part, they’re pretty decent. But over the past year or two, public expectations of what AI can do have drastically changed. Wix’s AI is really good at building functional sites, but it doesn’t give you the same wow as ChatGPT or DALL·E 2. The only app that came close to that, Framer, was still super rough around the edges. 

While I can only speculate, I think over the next year or two, we’ll see a lot more apps trying to be the ChatGPT for websites—a true AI website generator. Right now, none of them are close to pulling it off, but I don’t think it’s an insurmountable problem. So, expect this list of the best AI website builders to change a lot as we continue to update it.

The best AI website builders

  • Wix for most people
  • Jimdo for a free AI website builder with affordable upgrades
  • Unbounce for an AI landing page builder
  • CodeWP for an AI tool for complex WordPress sites
  • Framer for an example of where AI website builders are going

Website BuilderPriceRating
Wix ADIStarts at $18/month4.5/5
Framer AIStarts at $25/month4.4/5
Hostinger AI Website BuilderStarts at $1.99/month4.3/5
10WebStarts at $20/month4.2/5
Bookmark AiDAStarts at $14.99/month4.1/5
GetResponse AI BuilderStarts at $19/month4.0/5
CodeWP.aiStarts at $29/month3.9/5
DurableStarts at $12/month3.8/5
ZyroStarts at $2.90/month3.7/5
JimdoStarts at $9/month3.6/5
SquarespaceStarts at $12/month3.5/5
WebflowStarts at $12/month3.4/5
WeeblyStarts at $5/month3.3/5
MobiriseStarts at $49/year3.2/5
Site123Starts at $16/month3.1/5
WordPressStarts at $0/month3.0/5
GoDaddyStarts at $5.99/month2.9/5

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